Cadaveric heart, lung travel 1,400km from Chandigarh, save 2

MUMBAI: For the first time in the city, two cadaveric organs –a heart and lung–were transported from around 1,400km away in Chandigarh to save the lives of two end-stage organ-failure patients here.

The transplants–Mumbai’s fourth lung transplant and 51st heart transplant–were possible because a 40year-old road traffic accident victim’s family consented to donate his organs after he was declared brain dead in Chandigarh’s PGIMER on Saturday. Mumbai has earlier received organs from Indore, Pune and Surat, but officials of National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) said this is perhaps the farthest that cadaveric donated organs have come from to Mumbai.

“NOTTO was set up with the mandate to coordinate organ transplants across the country. On Saturday, we spent hours to ensure that a critically ill patient who has been in hospital for over a month due to lung failure, could get one,” said Dr Viman Bhandari of NOTTO. NOTTO has coordinated over 120 such transplants in over 120 such transplants in the last 18 months. Usually, city-level Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre manages organ-sharing between hospitals in Mumbai.

On Sunday , officials from Fortis Hospital in Mulund said the organs from the PGIMER donor were implanted into a 46-year-old driver from Dombivli and a 55-yearold woman from Indore. “The driver was suffering from heart failure for the last couple of years and was put on the supra-urgent list for the organ since the past 37 days,” said a Fortis Hospital doctor. The lung recipient was suffering from interstitial lung disease and was waitlisted two weeks back.