Nike’s Breaking2 project is attempting the impossible

The close-to-crazy attempt to run a sub-2 hour marathon is finally coming up. This superhuman feat will be attempted between 6 and 8 May at the Monza Formula One track in Italy. Though a closed event, Nike will live stream the attempt on the Internet.

Nike created ripples in the world of athletics when it announced in December last year its preposterous Breaking2 project, in which a two-time Boston Marathon winner (Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia), the current Olympic marathon champion (Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya) and the half marathon world record holder will attempt to run a sub-2 hour full marathon (Eritrean Zersenay Tadese). A week later rival Adidas revealed that it has been working on a similar project for two years now. To put this in perspective, it is crazy as breaking the 4-minute mile and 10-second 100m barriers. The sub-2 hour marathon, often called “the biggest monster of all” by champion runners, is the one that still hasn’t been tamed.