CBSE Class 12th 2017 board exam results withheld

Our numerous interviews with insiders*, from ICSE/ISC and CBSE boards, as well as analyses carried out on data covering a number of years and hundreds of thousands of candidates, corroborate that board exams in India, including those of national boards ICSE/ISC and CBSE, have turned into a farce — marks are randomly inflated, marking criteria is opaque, and luck plays too big a role.

Our analyses establishes that the statistical patterns of scores allotted are simply not as one would expect in public examinations with so many candidates. Owing to competition between boards as well the government’s desire to project a better image, school boards have turned into arbitrary marks-giving machines. An ominous warning of this comes from the fact that a single state board has managed to occupy 80 percent of the seats allotted so far in India’s top-rated commerce college, where normalisation across boards was completely eschewed.