Pak army maintains silence of the culpable?

The provisional stay by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on any Pakistani move to hang Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav has seen only the civilian government coming under flack.
Curiously, there is one powerful institution, the army, which has withheld its counsel. Forget a press release from the Public Relations wing of the ISI (ISPR), there has been no inspired leak on the army’s thoughts on the issue.
The army’s views are very crucial because the case concerns violation of national security. Pakistan army has always made it clear that its word will be the final one on all matters of national security. It has given the marching orders to many Prime Ministers when their approach on national security contradicts with those of the Pakistan army.
Pakistan’s undefined terms of engagement between the army and the civilian government have often led to frenzied speculation. In the Jadhav case, Islamabad’s hyper-active rumour mill seems to suggest that the Pakistan army is withholding its counsel because it is gauging public opinion which, it is deemed, is swinging firmly against the civilian government. The talking heads on Pakistan TV channls are even suggesting that is either Nawaz Sharif’s ineptness or India’s influence that led to the ICJ’s provisional measures.
A close reading of the ICJ’s May 18 order, indicates that Nawaz Sharif’s sins might be minor in nature. Islamabad’s inability to appoint an ad hoc judge would not have mattered. All the 11 judges on the bench unanimously asked Pakistan not to execute Jadhav pending its final judgment.