108-Year-Old Man Turns Up At Booth In Mizoram Elections


Rochhinga, aged 108, was considered to be the oldest voter in Mizoram as the election to the 40-member state Assembly ended peacefully on Wednesday.

Rochhinga, a Presbyterian Church elder and a resident of Zemabawk North in Aizawl East-I constituency, came holding a walking stick along with one of his neighbours.

Also among the voters were persons aged 106, 104 and 96.

“I never miss voting in elections. It is our duty. If we fail in our duty, then how can we question when the government will fail in its duty?” Rochhinga told after casting vote.

His neighbour said that the centenarian has a keen interest in political developments.

Aged 106, Darrohnuni, who exercised franchise at Kawrthah polling station-III under the Hachhek seat along the Mizoram-Tripura border, was the second oldest person to cast her vote.

Wrapped in woolens, Darrohnuni came in a wheelchair pushed by her granddaughter.

Another woman, 104-year-old Aiziki of Lunglei Chanmari was cast her vote to elect the next government in Mizoram.